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Designed to reduce costs and improve accuracy, Montec’s range of remote sensors are designed to make your life easier. Sensors are read and data recorded at regular intervals, along with temperature, battery life and signal strength. This data is then transmitted to a web-based data server where it can be viewed in real time, and hourly recordings make it easy to spot significant changes.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Removes human error
  • Email alert system
  • Weatherproof
  • Long wireless range
  • No SIM contracts
  • Long-lasting, self-contained battery
  • Simple subscription model

Easy-to-use data viewer

Using the mobile phone network, data is transmitted via a Montec Base Station (MBS) to a centralised data server where it can be viewed in real time and downloaded in various formats, all from your browser.

Making sense of your data and producing reports has never been easier.


The Montec Base Station acts as a central hub that can simultaneously gather data from up to eight sensors of different types. Our goal is to develop a full suite of sensors to meet engineers requirements. We have a number of sensors under development includes vibration, sound, tilt condensation and dust. The technology we develop can have many uses, and our focus on research and development means we welcome any industry challenges.


  “McFarland Associates Ltd have used Montec Systems on a number of high profile projects in Northern Ireland, the system is easy to install and set up and once installed does not require any revisits.  The quality and accuracy of data, which is available online 24/7, is superb enabling true continuous monitoring of an asset and quality data for analysis.”

About Montec

Montec Systems Ltd is a technology company focused on the design and production of innovative, practical solutions in the field of remote monitoring. Flexible and forward-thinking with a strong focus on research and development, our aim is to combine our expertise in this area with emerging technologies to become a world leader in our industry.


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